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Driving in the west of Leh city towards Leh Srinagar highway following river Indus we can reach at Aryan valley. From Khaltse road leads towards Lamayuru to Kargil but river Indus move towards north west and one can reach at Aryan Valley with a driving distance of 160 Kms approx from Leh.

Sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient Bema, via Achinathang - the home of the Drok-pas. The restricted areas of Ladakh include not only the outlying regions of Nubra, the Pangong Lake and Rupshu, but also the Indus valley below Khaltse, where the villages of Da, Hanu, Garkhon and Darchiks are home to a minuscule ethnic group known as Drok-pa. They are Indo-Aryan by race in contrast with the Tibetan racial characteristics of majority of the Ladakhis, having their own distinct traditions and customs and practicing a form of Buddhism that has an intriguing intermixture of pre-Buddhist animist beliefs.

The Shagkar-Chigtan valley, runs north from Bodh-Kharbu. The people of this valley are known for their joie-de-vivre, and also for having brought Ladakh's rich oral literature to its finest degree of development. Though Muslims, they retained till very recently traces of the Buddhism from which they were converted at an uncertain period during the last 400 years. The best versions of Ladakh's national folk-epic, the Kesar Saga are said to have been those recited by the bards of Chigtan.

Dha and Hanu are two villages situated in the Dha hanu valley, about 160 km northwest of Leh in Ladakh. Being at a lower altitude, Dha and Hanu are warmer than Leh, allowing for the cultivation of wine-grapes and cherries as well as apricots and walnuts.

You have possibility to explore the region by taking a left turn from Sanjak which is just before of village Beema and road will take you to Shashila which is one of the most beautiful pass in the region. You may have nearly 360 D Panorama. Pakistan border is in north west Leh valley in the east and Zanskar in the south. You may have sun set towards Kashmir Himalayan ranges.

From Shahsi La you have opportunity to come to Da Hanu Village by Batalik and Garkon. Or take the left from Lalung village towards Himbotingla pass which is located at the top of Kargil district. HImbotingla pass offers an incredible view of Kargil Valley, Suru Valley, Batalik ranges and Shashila pass.

Major Highlights of the region : -

  1. Drokpa community
  2. Indus River Valley
  3. Shashi La Pass
  4. Himbotingla Pass
  5. Batalik sector
  6. Rock art at Achinathang
  7. Heaven for Jeep Safari and Motor Bike tours
  8. Untamed natural beauty

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